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Number12's webcomic picks - Live! - Someone left a game at our house last weekend

Sep. 14th, 2007

09:08 pm - Someone left a game at our house last weekend

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It is Munkin Cuthulu. Let me know who you are and I can bring it tomorrow. Or just walk up and claim it's yours.

Thank goodness the school year has begun, it means that Alma Mater is back. This is an absolutely brilliant comic about a crew of 6th or maybe by this point 7th grade classmates at a private all-girls school, based on the author's own experiences. The subject of the comic is... girls, and school. Nothing else dramatic (yet), nothing supernatural, no boys, just personal relationships born of forced proximity sometimes evolving into friendships, otherwise just homework and class projects. The result is riveting; it's hard to believe that anybody can write a comic without some sort of narrative crutch these days. Sometimes there are larger arcs, sometimes standalone comics that are usually pretty humorous (like today's). The art takes some getting used to; the artist has chosen to overlay her accomplished and expressive line work with out of focus coloring, I guess to imply a more childish world. The result looks like it's disintegrating, but it sure is unique. The characters make it all worthwhile. The writing has absolutely no reliance on stereotypes (visual clues for stereotypes are generally betrayed as a character is explored), and the girls have a variety of real-world problems to overcome, the biggest being to grow up.


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Date:September 18th, 2007 02:23 pm (UTC)

Just Dropping By

Hey there! I just wanted to say a quick 'thanks' for the kind words. To a certain extent, I am aiming for 'immersion' into the world of the strip rather than trying to tell a particular story, and it's good to see people respond to that.

The style is sort of experimental and people seem to love it or hate it, so I don't blame you if you find it to be a bit of a turnoff or an acquired taste. It does let me use color more expressively, and use elements of a vector or cutout style without doing cutouts.

Anyway, thanks again, and I hope you keep reading!
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